First Meet Results are Posted

Great job, everyone!  The first meet’s results are posted on the results page.  If you find an error, or know of some missing result, please send an email to the team email.  Start thinking about the next meet, which is April 17th at EWG.  We will need to limit the roster based on limited transportation, so also let me know if you plan on getting yourself to the meet.

Please note on the results page all numbers are entered as decimals.  If it is a sprint race, a time like 15.4 means fifteen point four seconds.  For a longer race, a time of 1.23 would be one minute twenty-three seconds, 1.2 would be a minute twenty and 1.02 would be one minute two seconds.  For distances it is “feet point inches” so 4.1 is four feet one inch.  The league rules require 2 qualifying performances to qualify for states, and if a lot of people qualify, we can only send 3 per event.